SIDRA RIESTRA • Sariego Asturias

Raúl Riestra

Raul Riestra’s Sidra Natural is noted for the unusual touch of bitterness he gets from tannic apple varieties he imports from Normandy. This traditional Riestra Sidra Natural is also available on tap and in 12 oz. cans as Good Clean Funk. Raul also utilizes this single wild yeast fermented natural sidra to produce Guzman Riestra Sidra Brut Nature, a celebrated, bone-dry Champagne Method sparkler.

In 1906 Robustiano Riestra cut down a large eucalyptus tree and transported it by two carts to his house in Santa Olaya de Baldorñon (Gijon), where he built a beam press. Some years later the company passed into the hands of his daughter, Mrs. Etelvina Riestra, who moved to the neighboring municipality of Sariego when she married Ricardo Riestra Hortal.

There a new stage of cider making began. In 1947 a new cellar was built, which meant both a major modernization and considerable increase in production. In 1985 Guzmán Riestra took over, then, in turn, passed the baton to his sons Raúl and Rubén who continue the work begun by their great-grandfather.

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