Francisco Ordoñez Vigil

VIUDA de ANGELON • Nava, Astúrias

Francisco Ordoñez Vigil

A technically skilled enologist, with Sidra 1947 he is the first to hit the elusive target of a clear, crisp, wine-like sidra without losing the length and depth of the traditional style. An unrivalled innovater, he also provides our fruity near-dry Sidra Brut, succulent Pretty Dry Perry and honey-kissed Apple Blossom Buzz.

Alfredo Ordoñez Onis established the press, or llagar, Sidra Viuda de Angelón, in 1947 at the orchards of la Alameda. The llagar steadily developed until it became a cider landmark, always keeping pace with new techniques in the production of sidra (cider).

In 1978 the plant was moved to its current location in La Teyera, Nava. Sidra Angelón continues as a family run artisanal producer with all Ordoñez Vigil brothers and sisters actively involved. Francisco Ordoñez Vigil is in charge of production.

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